Australia’s only independent, family-owned, national, sustainable, agricultural newspaper is now in its 28th year
and is published by Independent Rural Publishers for the Bock Family, Queensland, who have 39 years experience of newspaper publishing.

The national newspaper of sustainable agriculture
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Tewantin Qld 4565

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Deputy Editor: Sue Bock

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Published by: Cynaco Pty Ltd atf The Bock Family Trust trading as INDEPENDENT RURAL PUBLISHERS, PO Box 254, Noosaville, Qld 4566  ABN: 33 442 060 535. ACN: 010 535 903

Wholly owned by the Bock Family, Queensland.  Australia’s only independent family-owned national, sustainable agricultural newspaper.

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Acres Australia advertisements are accepted on the premise that the denial of the right to sell is also the denial of the right to buy. We believe all products advertised in these pages have merit when used properly in the right place at the right time. We do not imply that any product or service is of merit under all circumstances. We believe individuals must make their own judgement and fit eco-products to their own systems of management.