DESPITE the protestations of Queensland’s Deputy Premier, dredging and dumping in the Great Barrier Reef’s waters will cause damage including to the seagrass beds at Abbot Point which will be ripped up if dredging goes ahead, according to the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

AMCS Great Barrier Reef Campaign Director, Felicity Wishart, said the dredging process will throw fine sediments into the water, and scientists have confirmed that these sediments can travel for kilometres, smothering other seagrasses, making the water cloudy and interfering with corals.

“During the dumping of dredge spoil even more fine sediment will be suspended and cause further problems for the habitat of Reef creatures,” said Ms Wishart.

“Luckily for the Deputy Premier, he isn’t a dugong or a turtle or a dolphin. Me thinks he doth protest too much.

“The Deputy Premier likes to demonise those that seek to protect the World Heritage Listed Reef as ‘extremists’. Would the Deputy Premier have labelled esteemed ecologist Dr Len Webb and poet Judith Wright extreme greens?

“The Australian Marine Conservation Society has been working to protect the Great Barrier Reef for more than 45 years, when it opposed those who thought limestone mining and oil drilling on the Reef was a good idea.

“It seems every generation has to fight the good fight for the Reef against ill-conceived development plans. Turning Abbot Point into the world’s largest coal port just 50 km from the Whitsundays is only part of the the largest most widespread threat of industrialisation that the Reef has ever faced,” Ms Wishart said.

“AMCS will continue to oppose this madcap plan because the vast majority of the community of Queensland, Australia and the world do not want to see the Reef turned into an industrial port and a shipping super highway,” concluded Ms Wishart who urges readers to call the GBRMPA urgently on 07 4750 0700 to reject the dumping.