INTO ORGANICS 2016 is the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia’s (NASAA) 3rd Annual Seminar series – coinciding with both the AGM and NASAA’s 30th Birthday celebrations, the seminar series will take place next Friday, November 25, in Hahndorf, South Australia.

Meet the organically minded and experience leading industry speakers on animal health, international markets, soils and microbiology, organic pest control and more … including a field trip, wine tasting and NASAA’s 30th birthday dinner.

Organic agriculture has grown at over 17 per cent per annum for the last five years according to a recent IBIS World report – Organic Farming in Australia. This well exceeds the average not just for agriculture but also for most industry sectors and the economy as a whole.

Organic Farmers are also earning higher profit margins than their conventional cousins – and with growing public concern about health, animal welfare and genetically modified food driving consumption, NASAA GM, Mark Anderson, says the organics industry is set to blossom.

He said the NASAA INTO Organics Seminar 2016 will give farmers the information they need to make decisions and contacts to help them enter this lucrative market.

The seminar is a daylong event with specialist information including how to build better soils, care for your herd or flock with veterinary naturopathy and encouraging good bugs to eat bad bugs.

Two of the most successful organic businesses in Australia – Bellamy’s Organics and Peats Soil & Garden Supplies will be presenting.

“For anyone looking for opportunities in growing food markets, getting into certified organics could be the best decision you can make,” said Mark Anderson. “Organics is the fastest growing agricultural sector with some of the industry’s largest margins.”

Mr Anderson recommends that anyone interested in learning more about converting to certified organic should start by developing their knowledge and connections.

“This is a knowledge driven industry, with cutting edge environmentally sustainable approaches to food production and processing. The opportunity and rewards are there for Australia’s producers to take up the challenge of these innovative and profitable production methods.”

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