By Allan Windust

This practical guide shows how we can contribute to conserving water, our most precious resource, in our home and garden.

Waterwise House and Garden takes a planned approach to saving water in the home using different household reticulation options including the use of rainwater tanks and recycling greywater. It shows how to eliminate unnecessary watering in the garden by working with nature to create a garden that is both enjoyable and sensitive to the environment.

It explains the science behind survival strategies of plants in dry conditions, shows how soil and water interact, and demonstrates how to improve the soil in your garden. Included is an extensive list of native and exotic plants that are tolerant to dry conditions in both tropical and temperate climates.

The result is an accessible and informative resource guaranteed to help you reduce the environmental impact of everyday living, and dramatically reduce your household water bill in the process.

CONTENTS: The value of water; The importance of plants; The house and garden system; Waterwise strategies; Waterwise options; The theory and practice of mulching; Planning your waterwise garden; Plants; What to do during drought; The future
APPENDICES: The importance of water to plants; Australian plants tolerating very dry conditions; Exotic drought-tolerant plants; Fire-retardant species; Drain stranglers and cloggers; Wastewater reuse EPA guidelines; Water audit; Publications

2003 Softcover 190 pages
ISBN: 9780643068001