Arden Andersen Picture
Arden Andersen.

ONE of the world’s leading authorities on soil health, Dr Arden Andersen,will be special guest speaker at a two-day Soil to Plate to Health seminar at Toowoomba, Queensland, next month in February.

The United States-based speaker is a soil scientist, agricultural consultant and a physician who specialises in the management of soils, crops and animals in a productive, profitable and environmentally sustainable way. Dr Andersen also practices preventative and nutritional medicine in the United States and lectures on soils, agronomy and human health.

David Von Pein and Sarah Fae
David Von Pein and Sarah Fae

The seminar is being organised by Toowoomba’s David von Pein (The Meter Man) and Sarah Fea of Bear Biologics and directed at the horticultural and agricultural community as well as passionate gardeners. The seminar is being held on February 25 and 26 and a special talk discussing ‘Real Medicine, Real Health’ will be open to general public on the Monday night for just $10 a head.

Mr von Pein said it was an honour to have much-travelled soil health expert in Toowoomba.

“I’ve known Arden for about 15 years, having met at seminars in Australia and New Zealand. What that man has packed into his life is remarkable. He is one of the most knowledgeable men in the world,” Mr von Pein said.

“He is unique because he is a medical doctor and a man of the soil. As a doctor, he has to deal with the end result of farmers using chemicals and producing bad food.”

According to Dr Andersen’s research, the nutrient content of foods today compared to half a century ago ranges from 15 to 75 percent less.

Dr Andersen is the author of cutting-edge books that bridge the gap between soil and plant science and human health:  “The Anatomy of Life and Energy in Agriculture”, “Science in Agriculture” and “Real Medicine, Real Health”. He is a consultant on education, product formulation and market development, and a world authority in biological agriculture. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education, a PhD in Biophysics and has a medical degree. He consults to agricultural enterprises worldwide and practices medicine.

Dr  Andersen maintains the viewpoint that all life is connected and that something done to one aspect of life can affect all others. “Life forms are all interdependent,” he said. “The microorganisms in the soil determine how a crop is going to grow, which then determines how we’re going to grow with the nutrition from that crop. At the same time, how we farm and manage the plant has to do with what goes on with the rainforest and what goes on with the oceans. It’s all connected.

“Always be conscious of the fact that the purpose of agriculture is to produce food for people, and, thus, food must have comprehensive nutrition suitable for people,” Dr Andersen said.

The seminar will be held at the Toowoomba Motel & Events Centre, 2 Burnage Street, Toowoomba, Queensland.