The Real Dirt: Farmers tell about Organic and Low Input Practices in the Northeast
Edited by M. Smith & E. Henderson. Published in USA

This book has been edited in conjunction with members of the Northeast Organic Farming Association and Cooperative Extension and is based on farmers talking about organic and low-input practices in the Northeast, USA.

It is a snapshot of the techniques and systems that these farmers relied on during the period 1989 to 1991. It is not a ‘how-to’ book. The book is intended to help farmers learn and refine organic techniques by answering questions and disseminating information.

The Real Dirt gives you a vivid snapshot of organic and low-input farming in the Northeast in the early 1990s.

Based on interviews with more than 60 farmers in 8 US states, the book summarizes the practical methods for ecological soil, pests, disease, crop, greenhouse, and livestock management that have been discovered and used over the past few decades.

It offers a farmer’s-eye view of how to go about the site specific work of designing rotations, selecting crops, and surviving economically.

It also poses many questions that farmers and researchers need to answer for the future.

Northeast Organic Farming Association
Second Edition 1998
Softcover 264 pages