by Bernard Doube and Tim Marshall

The introduction of domestic stock to Australia created a huge dung pollution problem because native dung beetles were unable to dispose of it. Introduced dung beetles from Europe and southern Africa partially solved this problem but there is much more to be done.
Dung Down Under: Dung Beetles for Australia is the first farmer-friendly book on the ecology and management of dung beetles in Australia, possibly the world. It is an essential reference for farmers, Landcare groups and environmental organisations concerned with sustainable land management.
This book examines the ecological, environmental and production benefits of dung beetles, and provides a non-technical analysis of their value and potentional role in increasing soil carbon storage.There is also a novel section on the use of dung beetles in vineyards and orcharges to improve soil health without disrupting root systems. Factors limiing dung beetle abundance distribution and activity are examined and gaps are identified. The need to fill these with further beetle introductions is emphasised. Recent introductions to New Zealand is also considered.
Regional report cards allow a quick assessment of which dung beetles might occur in particular regions, approximately how abundant they might be and which additional species might prosper.

ISBN: 9780992432904

Soil Health / Ecology
Dung Beetles / Australia

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